Danish OLYMPIC hope, chained to the chair: Injured in cykelulykke

The OLYMPICS-the hope Bastian Secher has been involved in a serious accident.

It writes Roskilde Avis.

The accident happened in the beginning of april, when the rower was on his way home to his parents on the bike, and a car suddenly drove in front of him in a turn.

The result was a broken right femur, fractures of six ribs and left arm, and a punctured lung for the rower, who is a serious contender for a place in the men’s four without coxswain at the OLYMPICS next year.

“I am completely chained to the chair at the moment, and there is not really any exercise I can do. I humper around a little on crutches, and can slowly start to put a bit of weight on the right leg, where I broke the femur,” says Bastian Books to the Roskilde Newspaper, and adds, that the accident was close to being fatal.

“The doctors told me that if I had not been so strongly built, I could have lost their lives,” notes in the Books.

Luckily for Bastian in the Books was the police, according to the Roskilde Newspaper present when the accident occurred, so he immediately got first aid and transported to the university hospital with the same.

Here he was operated on, and now waiting for a long rehabilitation ahead towards the OLYMPICS in 2021.

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