Heating money fills 75 million in gas decoupling pool

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A pool of money from the political agreement on a heat check will, among other things, fill DKK 75 million in the pool for decoupling from gas, which is running out.

The majority behind the agreement has decided so, according to the Ministry of climate and energy. A total of $ 250 million has been distributed.

The pool can be used by private individuals who can be paid the price of being disconnected from the gas network if they want to switch from, for example, a gas stove to district heating.

This is where you can apply to be paid for the costs associated with shutting down the gas network. The price can vary depending on where you live, but can be up to 8000 kroner.

The pool started the year with 100 million kroner, and last year about half of the money was not used.

That’s the money this year. Over the winter there were high gas prices, and with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine there has been no expected drop in prices.

At the same time, it has become politically inflamed that Danish gas consumers spend their crowns on Russian gas – and thus contribute to the economy of a belligerent nation.

All this has apparently increased interest in moving from gas to district heating, among other things.

On Tuesday morning, figures from the gas distributor Evida, which manages the scheme, show that there are 2.9 million kroner left.

This amount will therefore be added to DKK 75 million.

If you want to disconnect the gas network when the pool is empty, you must either pay yourself or wait until there is money in the pool next year. The pool is built on a first-come-first-served principle.

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