Six OLYMPIC winners can lose the medal

It can be expensive for six australian OLYMPIC swimmers, to their former landsholdskollgea Brenton Rickard has been tested positive for an illegal drug.

With new technology is the drug Furosemide been found in a sample that was made at the OLYMPICS in London 2012, and it costs Brenton Rickard his bronze medal from the olympic games.

And since the medal was obtained in a holdkonkurrence, it also goes beyond the other australian swimmers.

It writes The Sydney Morning Herald’s.

It was in the discipline of 4×100 metres medley that australians impressive, but apparently there was at least in Brenton Rickard not purely flour in… water.

Only the UNITED states and Japan did better and came in front of Rickard and teammates Hayden Stoeckel, Matt Targett, Tommaso D’Orsogna, Christian Sprenger and James Magnussen..

According to Rickards lawyers is there’s only found a estremt small amount of Furosemide’ in the sample.

Rickard has subsequently informed his former team-mates, according to the australian the media received the message with shock.

He has now appealed the decision.

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