Tata Motors’ ‘Made in India’ sports car will not be seen, will forget Porsche and Jaguar

You know about how many sports coupe brands exist in our country. The answer will be, there will be two-three brands. Jaguar F-Type and Prosche Cayenne Coupe. Some people will discuss DC Avanti, the brand of famous car designer Dilip Chhabria. But there is another hidden brand that is completely ‘Made in India’ like DC Avanti, named Tamo Racemo. The special thing is that Tamo here means Tata Motors …

Racing game also introduced in Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 3

Yes, heard right. The country’s renowned indigenous car manufacturer Tata Motors also manufactures sports coupes. This two-seater sports coupe competes with good vehicles in look and style. You will also be surprised to know that Tamo Racimo was also introduced in the famous car racing game Microsoft’s Forza Horizon 3. It was the first car in the country to be included in the game. It has taken 10 years to make this car. In 2007, Tata Motors acquired the concept IP of world-renowned designer Marcello Gandini. A prototype was introduced in the UK in 2014. In 2016, the production model was introduced at the Geneva show and in 2017, Tata Motors launched the sports coupe for the first time in front of the world.

The structure

The company compares the design of this sports coupe car to the ‘Fairly Spartan’. At the same time, it is based on the Impact Design, whose Humanity line, Sling host line and Diamond line make Tamo Racimo special. At the same time, Tata has built it on its special patented platform Moflex multi-material sandwich structure. This type of structure has been used for the first time in passenger vehicles.


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