True dedication: Unfinished PS1 game twenty years later, published

At the end of the 90s, a Japanese developer had worked on a team in an ambitious PS1 project in the isometric style, due to the lack of support by publishers but never published. Twenty years later, one of the founding fathers of the “Magic Castle has” become a reality.

With enough ambition, you can get also 20 years later on the Release

That there is in the game’s development, despite great ambitions and an infinite number of aborted projects, is a well-known phenomenon. 1998 small independent Studio called Kaiga in Japan had worked on the game in a role-project that wanted to score points with the isometric camera, a customizable UI, and dynamic music. After eight months of development, a prototype was sent out to seven publishers, including Sony. However, want to find no supporters, the game was put on ice.

As it is now Kotaku reported, wanted to at least let one of the forefathers of the game of the heart but not so easy to lie. As the developer informs, under the Pseudonym Pirowo on Twitter, he had discovered the source of the “Magic Castle” and it made the project two decades after the setting finally.

Thanks to this dedication, the game is now available for a short period of time on the project page for free Download ready. In addition, archives can be found on the Internet a 65-page manuallighting all aspects of the game in more detail. “And lo and behold, the full version of the Magic Castle, is now ready,” the developer is proud to Release.

A genuine project of the heart

How to read in a Interview on the Net Yaroze Europe is, had the developers for your game of many classics inspire: “The sword fighting was influenced by Namco’s Dragon Buster from Sega’s Fantasy Zone, we have to Collect coins”. The developments financed with the savings of two team members. “The hurdle for the development was that after a year, the savings were gone, and the Team had to be disbanded”. Twenty years later, the story now finds a conclusion.

PS1, Magic Castle, Playstation 1

PS1, Magic Castle, Playstation 1

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