Trump attacks China over Corona, White House releases statement

Washington: US President Donald Trump spokesperson said that Trump believes that China is responsible for the spread of the deadly coronavirus worldwide, causing more than four and a half million people to die. It has been done and one lakh 22 thousand people have lost their lives in America alone.

White House press secretary Callie McKenney told a press conference that the president had never felt sad that he had put the responsibility of spreading the virus to China all over the world. The President has said that he is standing with the American soldiers whom China is promoting.

At the Tulsa rally last week, Trump used the word ‘Kung Flu’ for this virus, which is being seen as a racist comment. The press secretary was answering questions related to this.

When asked why Trump used the term, he said, “The President did not use racist language.” The President simply pointed to the fact that the virus has emerged from China.

He said, ‘It is better to point out that China is ridiculously trying to rewrite history, ridiculously imposing the corona virus blame on American soldiers. China is trying to do this and the President is saying, ‘No, China, I will blame this virus for its origin.’

The press secretary said that Trump was using such idioms not for the Asian-American people, but for connecting the origin of the virus to its origin.

He quoted Trump as saying that America protects its Asian American community in the US and around the world. These are fantastic people and they have nothing to do with the spread of the virus. These people are working with us to get rid of the virus.

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