British scientists fear the south african coronavariant

Researchers in the uk, is not convinced that the covid-19 vaccines will work against a new variant of the coronavirus, which is found in south Africa. It says ITV News’ political editor, with reference to a not named scientific adviser to the uk government.

Both the Uk and south Africa have in recent weeks discovered new and more infectious coronavirus variants, which have driven smittetallene up.

The british health minister, Matt Hancock, said Monday that he is very concerned about the new variant, which is found in south Africa.

Researchers, including BioNTechs ceo, Ugur Sahin, and John Bell, who is a leading professor at Oxford University’s medical faculty, has said that the new vaccines have been used against the new variants, and that they will make the necessary adjustments within six weeks.

“According to one of the government’s advisers is the background for Matthew hancock’s concern that there is not the same credence to the vaccine effects against the two new variants, which when it comes to the british variant,” says political editor Robert Peston from ITV News.

The world’s richest countries have started to vaccinate their populations against the virus, which has led to 1.8 million coronarelaterede deaths.


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