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The download of Google Chrome for Windows installs the free browser, which can be customized in many ways with extensions, themes and apps.

Google has been providing its own browser under the name Chrome since September 2008. Meanwhile, in addition to Windows systems, Chrome is also available on Linux, Mac OS, Android and iOS. The current version for Windows can be downloaded here.

ChromeChrome Browser

What’s new with the Google Browser:

Chrome 102 gets new shortcuts for reordering tabs. Via [Strg] + [Shift] + [Bild rauf/Bild runter] the current tab can be moved. Web apps now appear in the Open-with dialog and can thus open supported file types.

In addition, the update to version 102.0.5005.61/62/63 a total of 32 vulnerabilities. Details can be provided as usual the official changelog please refer.

New design for your birthday

Visually, nothing else changes with the browser, the last major redesign was with Chrome 69. This version was released as an anniversary version, the reason for this was the tenth birthday of the browser. On the occasion of this, Google donated a new design to the browser. This means above all new rounded tabs, which now follow the material design principles more closely. If you have many tabs open, you can now better recognize the page logos, many UI elements have been reduced and simplified.

By the way, not all new features are strictly new, some (such as the automatically generated passwords) have already been rolled out in recent weeks – but officially they are counted as Chrome 69 according to the blog post.
ChromeThe Omnibox now masters new (auto) tricks

Also functionally there are various innovations:

  • The autofill and password manager has been revised and should now work more accurately
  • Chrome can now automatically generate strong passwords, these are automatically linked to the account. This brings this functionality closer to applications such as LastPass.
  • The search bar, which is officially called Omnibox, now displays significantly more information, and the page icons also appear more prominently in it.
  • The functionality of being able to search for a special tab via the Omnibox is also practical, which is also convenient for those who work with a lot of tabs.
  • Since Chrome 69, it should be possible to search Google Drive directly.
  • In the “New Tab” page you can now also set shortcuts to your favorite pages, even a custom background is now possible.

Infographic: Chrome dominates the browser marketChrome dominates the browser market

Main argument speed

One of the most important arguments in the struggle for browser users is the speed of surfing. The developers of Chrome want to provide real acceleration when loading complex web apps with V8, a virtual runtime environment for JavaScript, among other things. In order to quickly bring website content to the screen, Chrome relies on the open source rendering engine WebKit, which has since been further developed under the name Blink. The combination of these and other techniques regularly gives the Google Browser the Top position in the speed comparison.

The Chrome browser likes to stay stable

To make Chrome more stable, the developers rely on a multiprocess architecture, in which each new tab or plugin is started in its own process. If problems occur, an error message is displayed to the user in the corresponding tab window. For example, if a tab crashes, only that tab will be closed without affecting the entire browser. The functionality and stability of the browser should not be affected by these so-called “Sad tabs” or “Sad plugins”.

Safe thanks to Sandbox

For websites suspected of spreading malware or other dangerous content, Chrome displays a warning message to its users thanks to Safe Browsing technology. Different types Sandbox technologies they should also ensure that pests cannot install themselves on the computer or affect active tabs. In addition, Chrome checks whether new security-relevant updates are available for download and installs them automatically.

Extensive extra functions

In addition to the now common standard functions such as tabs, an omnibox for entering addresses and searching at the same time and an incognito mode, Chrome offers a variety of extra functions. So the Interface of the browser with themes be adapted to the user’s wishes. In addition, in the Chrome Web Store Thousands of extensions and web apps for the Google Browser can be downloaded.

Chrome Browser with easy synchronization

Google equips the Chrome browser with a comprehensive synchronization tool from. After logging in to the browser (with a Google account), bookmarks, search history and all settings made are synchronized between devices on which the user is logged in. For example, tabs open on the desktop are also displayed on the smartphone or tablet.

Chrome Browser Download: Our favorite for speed fans

If you want to be fast on the net, Chrome is certainly one of the first candidates among the multitude of browser alternatives who have earned a surf test. In addition, the browser can be customized thanks to countless apps, extensions and designs (see links in the text above). With the synchronization function, you also have access to your own bookmarks, saved passwords & Co. everywhere with a login – this is very helpful, especially in combination with the mobile versions of the browser.

However, users of the Chrome browser must be aware that Google collects comprehensive data on surfing behavior. If this open intrusion into Internet privacy does not bother you, Chrome is one of the currently available top browsers in terms of speed, security and customizability.

Infographic: Keyboard shortcuts for ChromeKeyboard Shortcuts for Chrome

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