Build 2022: Microsoft Dev Box – start Virtual Developer workspaces

Microsoft has introduced a custom virtualization service for developers, the new Microsoft Dev Box. The service is built on Azure Virtual Desktop and is intended to offer developers completely new ways to start their projects.

At the start of the Build 2022 developer conference, Microsoft announced a lot of new things for developers in addition to a major update for the Microsoft Store and a first ARM desktop PC. One of the ambitious projects is called “Dev Box”. With the Dev Box, the Group is expanding its range of developers via the Azure Virtual Desktop service.

Microsoft provides virtual developer workspaces with Dev Box

The new variant, which is completely tailored to developers, is intended to make team work easier and offer many advantages – also in terms of the time required for code changes to be rebuilt: “We are announcing the Microsoft Dev Box, which offers developers self-service access to powerful, cloud-based workstations that are preconfigured and ready to be programmed for certain projects. Microsoft Dev Box puts an end to the fact that programming must always take place on a specific PC. Instead, the code can now be automatically deployed on a virtual machine (VM) in the cloud and used from anywhere.”

Automatically preconfigured

Microsoft Dev Box allows developers to start a virtual machine that is automatically preconfigured in the cloud. So there is no need to waste time setting up a physical workstation before actually working on the project. Dev Box allows you to quickly configure images, assign team members and start coding immediately. You can work on several dev boxes in parallel to test variants of a project. The Dev Box works with every developer IDE, every development kit and every internal tool that air under Windows.

This means that you can work for desktop, mobile, IoT, games or apps with Windows subsystem for Linux. Developers can also access their dev boxes from Windows, macOS, Android, iOS or a browser. The new Dev Box integrates with Windows 365/Cloud PC, so IT administrators can manage the preconfigured workstations together with other Cloud PC desktops that they operate in their companies with Intune and Endpoint Manager.

To kick off the build, Microsoft has launched a preview phase, which is only available by invitation. However, it is planned that a publicly accessible test phase will start in the second half of 2022. To register, you can click on the Special page for the Dev Box go. There is no information about prices or licenses yet. Also on the topic of general availability, nothing was said at Build 2022.

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Microsoft, Developer, Build, Developer Conference, Tools, Build Conference, Build 2022, Dev Box

Microsoft, Developer, Build, Developer Conference, Tools, Build Conference, Build 2022, Dev Box

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