Seal on it: BSI awards IT security labels for Internet routers

If you buy a new router, you also want to be sure that you have the best possible protection against attacks from the Internet. The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) is now certifying broadband routers on their tested basic protection.

The BSI has now announced this and details of the seal of approval explain. The application for the new BSI seal is voluntary and possible within the framework of various product categories and services. So far there have been 32 offers certified, including e-mail services, and now the first routers. Companies can now apply to the BSI for an IT security label. The BSI has taken the technical guideline BSI TR-03148 as a basis for this, in which all requirements for interfaces and functions of a broadband router are formulated. “If implemented correctly, it ensures a reliable basic protection of these devices,” says the BSI. However, this IT security label is only assigned for a fixed term – and there is a reason for that.
BSI IT security labelsThe BSI IT security label.

Update Promises

This should then ensure transparency for consumers and also make manufacturers a further obligation. By awarding the IT security label, companies must, among other things, guarantee that they will issue security-relevant updates for the duration of the label in order to remedy any vulnerabilities that have become known. In addition, the correction must be reported to the BSI.

The German network specialist Lancom is the first manufacturer of broadband routers to “make its promise in the IT security of their routers transparent to consumers” with the IT security label, the BSI said at the launch of the test seal. After the award, the BSI continues to check the products on a random basis in order to check whether the guaranteed product properties are complied with. BSI President Arne Schönbohm handed over the first 20 IT security labels for hardware to Lancom Systems GmbH.

“Broadband routers are powerful integrated systems, they are the heart of many networks. As an interface between the Internet and home or corporate networks, cyber security is of particular importance to you. In an insecure state, they can serve as a gateway for attackers and a starting point for further cyber attacks. A secure router, on the other hand, fulfills the function of a protective shield inside and out,” says Arne Schönbohm, President of the BSI. “I am therefore particularly pleased that we are now able to issue the BSI IT security label for such a product for the first time. In this way, we are making a contribution to greater transparency in the IT consumer market.”

With the IT security code comes an individual QR code, which leads to an information page set up by the BSI about the tested device. In addition to the guaranteed product properties, all current information about product safety is then listed there.

WiFi, Wireless, WiFi, Hotspot, WiFi Hotspot, Neon, WiFi, WifiSpot

WiFi, Wireless, WiFi, Hotspot, WiFi Hotspot, Neon, WiFi, WifiSpot

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