City of Copenhagen raises million claims against owner

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According to the Altinget, the municipality of Copenhagen has raised claims against Intervare, which is behind the online supermarket, of 4.2 million kroner for underpayment of drivers.

The Althing has looked into a report from the city of Copenhagen’S CSR unit.

Here it appears that during 2021 the municipality has raised claims for a total of DKK 4.7 million against suppliers who, according to the municipality, have broken some of the clauses on working conditions that the municipality has written into their contracts.

According to Altinget, the claim against Intervare is about underpayment of 72 drivers. was previously a supplier for the municipality, where the company was responsible for delivering goods to the municipality’s elderly and sick citizens.

However, the parties disagreed on the working conditions and payment of the employees. At the end of January, a majority in Copenhagen’s citizens ‘ representation decided to terminate the contract between the municipality of Copenhagen and Intervare.

“The Intervare case tells me that we must continue to look at the companies in the cards and also keep a close eye on the companies with whom we have had a long-term cooperation,” says Mayor Sophie Hæstorp Andersen (S) to Altinget.

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