Pentagon is envious of how Starlink fended off Russian attempts

After the invasion of Russia, Starlink provided its services to Ukraine, activated satellites and also supplied terminals. The Putin regime tried to tighten this, but Starlink responded – and so well that even US militr’s are amazed.

Electronic warfare (EW for short) is an even more modern field, but as the Russian war with Ukraine shows, an increasingly important one. Access to the Internet and other networks or their prevention can be decisive for the war. And so it is not surprising that Russian militrs have tried everything to tighten the Starlink functionality in war zones.

This probably succeeded at first. As the site specializing in military news Breaking Defense according to reports, Elon Musk said shortly after Starlink was put into operation in Ukraine that Russia was building the system. However, since a software update, Starlink can operate freely, according to the Tesla and SpaceX CEO, you can “resist all hacking and strung attempts”.
Infographic Starlink: SpaceX increases satellite count by more than 100 percentStarlink: SpaceX increases satellite count by more than 100 percent

The Pentagon is jealous

But some doubted these statements, after all, Musk is also known for taking his mouth (too) full. But Pentagon expert Dave Tremper confirms that Starlink has done a great job here: “From the point of view of an EW technologist, this is fantastic. This paradigm and the way they did it is very impressive to me.”

Tremper suggests that even the US military does not have a comparable solution: “We also need the way Starlink could be excited if a threat appeared. We need to be able to change our electromagnetic orientation and be able to adjust very dynamically what we are trying to do without losing skills along the way.”

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