11 medals in Tokyo create satisfaction in the sports top

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The Danish Olympic athletes return home with 11 medals from the Tokyo Games.

At the same time, after Sunday’s last competitions, it is clear that Denmark with three gold, four silver and four bronze medals will finish 25th.- best nation in Japan.

The sports director of Team Denmark, Lars Balle Christensen, can now beat two lines below the Danish yield in Tokyo.

“Our goal was 8-10 medals, and that we come home with 11, we are very happy with that.«

“We have witnessed some fantastic performances all the way around and fortunately also some performances that have thrown off medals,” says Lars Balle Christensen.

Five years ago in Rio it was 15 Danish medals, but then it was” just ” two gold medals against three in Tokyo.

At the same time, it has turned into five fourth places in Tokyo, which testifies that with a little more luck it might have turned into more medals.

“It is also worth mentioning the grouping that is outside the medals, because we have also had some achievements where it has been pole out and where it could just as well have become a medal.«

“We got out of here in a good way. Rio was absolutely exceptional, but we are right in the slipstream with this result,” says Lars Balle Christensen.

This resulted in fourth places for the dressage riders in the team competition and Cathrine Dufour in the individual competition.

The rower Sverri Nielsen, the track rider Amalie Dideriksen and the sailing duo Lin Ea Cenholt and Christian Peter Lübeck also finished just outside the medal podium.

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