The United States tops the Olympic medal table after the final sprint

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Overall, the Tokyo Olympics have been a success for the US delegation.

Americans can go home from Tokyo as the most successful nation of the games. There have been 39 gold medals hung around the neck of an American athlete or team in Japan in the past two weeks.

There are 41 silver medals and 33 bronze medals. This brings the total number of us medals to 113, which is the most of all.

China ranks second in the Olympic medal table, ranked by the number of gold medals, next the number of silver medals, and finally the number of bronze medals.

The Chinese won 38 gold medals, while the Olympic host Japan triumphed 27 times at home.

It was only on Ol’s last day that the United States crossed China in the medal table. Before the final Finals, the Chinese had two more gold medals, but the Americans on Sunday won gold in water polo, volleyball and basketball.

The United States has topped the medal table at three Olympics in a row. In 2008, China won the most gold medals at home in Beijing.

Denmark ends the Olympics on a 25.- place on the medal table after picking up three gold medals, four silver medals and four bronze medals.

Here are selected Nations ‘ medal harvests at the Tokyo Games:

* 1. USA: 39 Gold, 41 silver, 33 bronze.

* 2. China: 38 gold, 32 silver, 18 bronze.

* 3. Japan: 27 gold, 14 silver, 17 bronze.

* 4. Great Britain: 22 gold, 21 silver, 22 bronze.

* 5. Olympic Committee of Russia (ROC): 20 gold, 28 silver, 23 bronze.

* 9. Germany: 10 gold, 11 silver, 16 bronze.

* 20. Norway: 4 Gold, 2 Silver, 2 bronze.

* 23. Sweden: 3 Gold, 6 silver, 0 bronze.

* 25. Denmark: 3 gold, 4 silver, 4 bronze.

* 85. Finland: 0 Gold, 0 Silver, 2 bronze.

Individually, it is not surprising swimmers who account for the most successful appearances in Tokyo.

The American Caeleb Dressel won five gold medals, while the Australian Emma McKeon took seven medals, four of gold and three of bronze.

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